A general view on Glasses

10:11 PM
The Glasses, spectacles, or eyeglasses are frames manner lenses worn in front of the human eyes, sometimes for just aesthetic reasons but in...
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The History of Battery Electric Vehicles The History of Battery Electric Vehicles Reviewed by vonteity on 9:55 PM Rating: 5

Traffic Claming

8:27 PM
Traffic calming is a set of strategies used by urban planners and traffic engineers which aims to slow down traffic and get better safety fo...
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Lighthouse of Alexandria

10:28 PM
The Pharos of Alexandria was a big tower built in the 3rd century BC (between 285 and 247 BC) on the island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt t...
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Butter chicken

11:07 PM
Butter chicken or murgh makhani is an Indian dish accepted in countries all over the world that have a tradition of Indian restaurants. Whil...
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9:54 PM
Salad is a light meal — or, as part of a larger meal, much more of an taster — consisting of mixed vegetables (usually including at least on...
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