A bike (likewise called a motorbike, bicycle, moto or cycle) is a two [not in reference given] or three wheeled engine vehicle. Cruiser configuration fluctuates extraordinarily to suit a scope of distinctive purposes: long separation travel, driving, cruising, game including hustling, and rough terrain riding. Motorcycling is riding a cruiser and related social action, for example, joining a bike club and going to bike revives.

In 1894, Hildebrand & Wolfm├╝ller turned into the first arrangement creation bike, and the first to be known as a bike. In 2012, the three top bike makers all around by volume were Honda, Bajaj Auto, and Hero MotoCorp.

Cruisers are chiefly an extravagance decent in the created world, where they are utilized generally for diversion, as a way of life frill or an image of individual character. In creating nations, bikes are overwhelmingly utilitarian because of lower costs and more noteworthy efficiency. Of the considerable number of bikes on the planet, 58% are in the Asia Pacific and Southern and Eastern Asia areas, barring auto driven Japan
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