Smart Board

The Smart Board (adapted as "Keen Board") is a line of intuitive whiteboards created by the Calgary, Alberta-based organization Smart Technologies.


David Martin started SMART organization in 1987 as the Canadian wholesaler for a U.S. projector organization. The income it gathered from the projectors was put into innovative work on the SMART board intuitive whiteboard, which was the first intelligent whiteboard to give touch control of PC applications and the capacity to compose over standard Microsoft Windows applications.[1]

The Smart Board is an intuitive whiteboard that uses touch recognition for client info (for instance looking over and right mouse-click) in the same path as ordinary PC information gadgets. The Smart Board 800 arrangement intelligent whiteboard presented a 'flick and parchment' feature.[2]

In December 2010, Smart presented the lower-expense Smart Board 400 arrangement intelligent whiteboard.[3]
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