Vanki Designs

1. Conventional Vanki 

Get yourself a vanki of the exceptionally unique conventional outline. For all its magnificence, the conventional vanki is absolutely worth owning. An overwhelming stone adornment on a conventional vanki can just improve it look.

2. Nakshi Vanki 

Vankis made out of the exceptionally ethnic and great, sanctuary gems with wonderful carvings made out of gold on them can make your wedding a genuinely, regal undertaking. Sanctuary Nakshi vanki plans with a cutting of Goddess Lakshmi are an awesome approach to make them look retro, wonderful while likewise adding a perfect component to them.

3. Jewel/Precious Stones Goddess Lakshmi Vanki 

Nothing beats a jewel or valuable stones vanki with goddess Lakshmi cut on it. Add a stone drop to it and it's sure to look as wonderful as this.

4. Grasp Vanki/Arm Patti 

A straightforward grip vanki with some shaded stone work to coordinate with the shading of your saree is an incredible decision for pre-wedding occasions. Grasp vankis that come in some ravishing sanctuary adornments like carvings are a novel, yet extremely old method for getting your vanki outlined. Add magnificence to your generally basic grasp vanki with intensely studded stones and stone drops to run with the shading of your saree.

5. String Vanki 

Of late, most vankis like this one underneath, accompany strings to attach them up to your hand –this is an age-old pattern has now been restored and we must say is an extremely customary, lovely method for wearing the vankis.

6. Chain Style Vanki/Bajuband Designs 

Why not utilize a gold anchor to tie-up your armlets rather than strings? These vanki outlines underneath reveals to us exactly how wonderful and fabulous, brilliant tie-up vankis could be.

7. Peacock Vanki Designs 

In the matter of Vankis, peacock plans appear to be the universally adored pick. What's more, taking a gander at these wonderful peacock vankis, we simply know why.

8. Pearl Vanki 

Pearls give a clear loftiness to your wedding adornments. On the off chance that all your gems has a considerable measure of pearls in it, there is each motivation behind why your armlet ought to be made of a mess of pearls as well!

9. Bangle Style Vanki Designs 

Straightforward yet exquisite bangle style vanki outlines.

10. Armlet cum Choker Models 

2 in 1 armlet cum choker models studded with jewels and valuable stones which can be worn in two routes – as an armlet or as a choker merit acquir
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