PerformanceMain article:

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PerformanceMain article: Performance. Someone who performs, composes, or conducts music is a musician. Performance is a method for musician...
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Aspects of music

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Aspects of music The traditional or classical European aspects of music often listed are those elements given primacy in European-influence...
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What is music?

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What is music? Music is often defined by contrast of sounds. Some definitions of music place it explicitly within a cultural context by def...
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BladeFor other uses of the word blade, see Blade (disambiguation) A blade is the flat part of a bladed tool or weapon that (usually) has a c...
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Condition of Water

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Most people get their water from the household tap. This water originates from lakes, rivers, streams, and underground sources. The majority...
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Membrane Filtration

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A well-arranged process conduction which infact work without the addition of chemicals. Membrane technology is a generic term for separation...
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Car Safety

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Car Safety There are a different ways to stay safe while driving. One is by making sure that your car is roadworthy and maintained well, bu...
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